About us


Our adventure started more than 13 years ago and made us today the leaders of vehicle registration and fleet management market for leasing companies in Romania.

In all these beautiful years, we have colaborate with leasing companies to which we thank, for choosing us as trusted partner: BCR, BMW, Tiriac Leasing, BCR Leasing, Ford, ING, Lidl and many more. Visit our portfolio page to see the entire list of references.


  • We help our partners to fulfill their objectives by offering not just a simple service, but complete personalized solutions that solve the most stringent needs.
  • We build and maintain long term partnerships based on trust and we value the most our customers’ satisfaction on the long run
  • We prove credibility by fulfilling all the commitments we have taken in front of our clients.



Client focus – we are listening to our clients’ needs and we consult them in a timely manner and with the highest degree of professionalism. We are offering personalized solutions that can build the foundation to a long-lasting business relationship.


Efficiency and flexibility – efficiency is our focus with scope of generating fast results for our clients. In the same time we are flexible and creative to find solutions that can release the bureaucracy burden on our clients.


Team spirit – we are truly passionate about what we do! We are a solid team and we always include our client as part of the team to get the desired results. You can count on us anytime!


Integrity – we are aware and respect the laws and norms of the industry in which we are working. We encompass everything with ethics and counsel our clients according the industry’s best practices.

Delta Speed Solutions Team


Laurentiu Buduroi

Logistics Department


Bogdan Caracas

Sales Department


Florin Dinu

Key Account Department


Mihai Popa

Leasing Ends Department


Mirona Caramida

Insurance Department


Marian Stoian

RAR Department


Remus Bolintiru

Customs Department


Oana Gleznea

Call-Center/Customer Support


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