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1. Outsourcing for logistic services

  • obtaining and processing the documents
  • paying the fees  / acomplishing all the institutional formalities
  • follow-up to dealer/importer/client/user
  • centralised tax pay system for the services
  • specialised consultancy about legislation

2. Online Orders

  • specialised soft – DELTA WORKFLOW;
  • Web-Services integration with leasing companies applications;

3. Orders Status Tracking (directly from the client)

  • status order interogation in the specialised soft DELTA WORKFLOW;
  • obtaining status order after processing the information;

4. Outsourcing for “Call-Center Logistics”

  • follow-up for missing documents;

5. Outsourcing for “Documents Delivery”

  • picking up the documents from institutions/clients;
  • delivering the documents at home or at the office;