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1. Obtaining the necessary documentation from dealers/importers for formalities (invoice, conformity certificate, CIV)

  • picking up the documents (invoice, conformity certificate, CIV) from delaers/importers
  • implementing the necessary formalities

2. Vehicle papers envelope, vehicle documents and registration plates delivery services.

  • picking up the documents / registration plates / vehicle papers envelope from institutions;
  • delivering the documents / registration plates / vehicle papers envelope to the client (at home or at the office)

3. Logistic support / Call-center support

  • customer call-receiving and issue identification
  • forwarding the information to key-account executives / acquiring order information
  • communicating the order status to the client

4. Order status tracking through DELTA REPORTS app

  • filling up the DELTA REPORTS form with order informations
  • obtaining the order status after information processing

5. Listing / Processing clients orders

  • Receiving the orders informations from the client
  • Entering the informations in the specialised software DELTA WORKFLOW